they, 23 (26/04)
united kingdom

autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia
depression, anxiety disorder
borderline & paranoid pd
chronic pain (rsi & mouse elbow)

true neutral / INFP-T
6w5 SO / melancholic

☼:taurus, ☽+⇪:scorpio

before you follow

private and selective
trigger warnings apply

i tweet a lot
i spam like tweets
please like my tweets !
i delete tweets and likes

block when unfollowing
only follow if you're 17+

ace discourse makes me really uncomfortable and so does nsfw
tag nsfw !!



a2 (nier automara)
quinn (league of legends)
vi (league of legends)
joyce byers (stranger things)
+ unlisted ones

dfi if you id as a2, quinn or vi.

2b (nier automata)
yuna (final fantasy)
sam (the lord of the rings)
trico (the last guardian)
+ unlisted ones

dfi if you id as yuna.